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Oilfield Hauling, Vacuum Truck Services & Equipment Rental in Alberta & Northern BC

Canvac Oilfield Services Ltd. has a fleet of hauling equipment in Alberta and Northern BC with the power to handle any hauling task. We are committed to reliability, innovation, and service, and going the extra mile for our clients in everything we do. If you need to haul water, oil or any other fluids, our skilled crew and well-maintained hauling trucks are up for the job. We also have sour product units that prevent odour release. Our vacuum trucks can load liquids, sludge or slurry through suction lines. We also offer short or long term rental services for equipment and storage for a number of projects. Give us a call today for complete details on our rental equipment.

Damage-Free Hauling & Vac Truck Services

Our team ensures safe and damage-free navigation of fluids for your company. We have a comprehensive list of vac truck and hauling services. Given our capabilities and expertise, we look forward to the opportunity to haul just about anything needed. We offer:

Potable and non-potable water hauling

Sour sealed tanker services

Production fluid hauling

Tanker truck services – tri-axle and quad trailers

Vacuum truck services – combo vacs, straight vacs, hydro vacs, semi vacs and pup trailers

Steam Truck

Rental Equipment & Cleanup Services

Canvac Oilfield Services Ltd. is an experienced and trusted fluid storage rental company in Alberta and Northern BC, providing potable storage tank rentals and mud-invert shack rentals. We endeavour to stay abreast of our clients’ needs by constantly updating and maintaining our equipment inventory. Our company is also ready with its hauling personnel and equipment to take care of your cleanup projects safely and efficiently.


For more information about our services, contact us today.

Storage Rental & Fluid Hauling

From providing rental equipment to hauling fluids, we do it all.

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