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Our Services

Our fleet of hauling equipment has the power to handle any hauling task. We are committed to reliability, innovation, and service, going the extra mile for our clients in everything we do. Need water, oil, or any other fluids hauled? Our skilled crew and well-maintained fleet are up for the job! Looking for sour product units, Canvac has got you covered with our specialized odour release prevention units. Our variety of vac trucks are road-hungry and ready to take on any mess you can throw at us. Whether it's spill response or daylighting underground utilities, we can do it all. We also offer short or long-term rental services for equipment and storage for a range of projects. Give us a call today for complete details on our fleet's capabilities.


Oilfield Fluid Hauling

With a comprehensive list of hauling solutions, we are fully equipped and experienced to handle
virtually any hauling needs you may have. Our wide range of fluid hauling services include:

  • Sour Sealed Tank Trucks

  • Production Fluid Hauling

  • Tank Trucks including 7 & 8 Axle units
    - 7 Axle Straight Cans
    - 4 Axle Body Job with 4 Axle Wagon

  • Dangerous Goods Hauling, such as: Crude Oil, Produced Water, Condensate, Invert, Drilling Fluid,Methanol, Condensate, Inhibitor, Calcium, Caustic

Count on us to provide reliable and efficient hauling services, meeting your specific requirements with utmost professionalism.  Contact us today to discuss your hauling needs and experience the quality services we offer!

Hydro & Combo Vac Services

If your looking for variety and expertise, Canvac is the company to call! Our experienced and
hardworking team is ready to assist you with all your Vac Truck necessities. Our fleet includes:

  • Single Axle Combo-Vacs

  • Tri-Drive Straight-Vacs

  • Tri-Drive Combo-Vacs

  • Code and Non-Code Hydro-Vacs

  • 7 Axle Semi-Vacs

  • 3 Axle Vac Pups

We accommodate a wide range of projects, including plant turnarounds, facility cleanings, rig and tank cleanings, cement and frac jobs, oil transfer and sour fluid hauling, spill and debris cleanups, line breaks, emergency response, pipeline maintenance and integrity digs, pipeline crossings, trenching, piling holes, HDD support, frac support, underground utility, directional and utility hole drilling, and fiber and electrical line locates.

For nothing but the best in Vac Truck services, Canvac should be your first call!


Potable Water Hauling

Whether it's construction, agriculture, or oilfield operations, we have the expertise and fleet of specialized trucks to deliver fresh and potable water right to your desired location. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, we ensure timely deliveries every time. Rely on our dedicated team to ensure your projects run seamlessly. Our rental and hauling inventory includes:

  • Potable storage tank rentals

  • ​Mud-invert shack rentals

  • Potable and non-potable water hauling

Our water hauling and storage can tackle a wide range of tasks, including freshwater hauling, potable water storage, dust control, fire suppression, fracking water supply, well testing, event water supply, emergency water supply, pipeline flushing, and more. Whether it's construction, agriculture, oil and gas, or residential needs, we have the expertise and resources to ensure reliable and efficient service.

Pressure Trucks

At Canvac, we take pride in offering not just a wide range of equipment but also endless opportunities for your projects. Our pressure trucks are no exception! With a focus on efficiency and safety, they are your reliable choice for professional testing to ensure flawless operations. We provide various options to cater to your specific requirements:

  • 1 Ton 4x4 Units: Available in capacities ranging from 3m cubed to 4.5m cubed

  • 1 & 2 tank compartments: Capable of handling up to 90L/min flow rates.

  • Need high pressure? We currently have a 10,000 psi unit ready for you!

From well loads and flow line pushes to desanding and drilling/service rig support, our Pressure Trucks
can handle it all! Other services we offer include hydro testing, chemical day tank filling, pipeline
pigging, annual isolation packer testing & bridge plug testing, and various other pressure-related tasks.
When it comes to professional testing and preparation, count on Canvacs Pressure Trucks to deliver
safety and effectiveness, ensuring your operations are running at their best!

Pressure truck.jpeg

Steamer Trucks

Here at Canvac, we are dedicated to providing not only a diverse selection of equipment but also boundless possibilities for your projects. Our steamer trucks exemplify this commitment by prioritizing both efficiency and safety. They stand as your dependable option for any project they are on. We offer a variety of choices to meet your precise needs:

  • Single Axle 1M BTU boiler capable of dry steam operations

  • Tandem 1M BTU boiler also capable of dry steam operations

Our steamer trucks are perfect for steaming frozen pipe and valves, thawing ice on facility projects, equipment washingC-ring cleaning and ice removal.

For steamer truck needs, trust Canvac to deliver dependability and outstanding performance, ensuring your operations are optimized and running at their best!

Fluid Storage & Rentals

When it comes to fluid storage and rentals, we offer a wide range of fluid storage solutions and rental options to meet your needs. With a focus on reliability and environmental responsibility, they are your dependable choice for ensuring smooth performance. We provide various options to cater to your specific requirements:

  • Fluid Storage- various sizes of tanks and application of services

  • 100BBL potable water storage tanks

  • 100BBL non-potable tanks for on-site storage

  • Mud Invert Shack Rentals

Trust Canvac's Fluid Storage and Rentals to provide safe storage for all your fluid demands! Give us a call to find out how we can serve your needs.

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